Choosing stylish and beautiful window treatments for your bathroom is necessary if you want privacy. Bathrooms are humid and full of moisture, and your window treatments must withstand those conditions. At Blind and Shutter Guys in Southlake, Texas, we carry some of the top window treatment brands, including Hunter Douglas, Norman®, Carole Fabrics®, and Alta® Window Fashions, and our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. Consider these three tips as you select coverings for your large and small bathroom windows.

#1: Window Treatments for Bathrooms Should Guarantee Privacy

Your bathroom should be a private space. The problem is many homes have one small bathroom window, so light can also be a factor. You don’t want room-darkening window treatments in your bathroom. Even if it’s connected to your bedroom, you want something that lets in a little light. Roller shades or Roman shades made from semi-sheer fabrics are a good choice. You can let in light, but others can’t see in. Blinds are a classic choice, and shutters are another great option.

#2: Window Treatments for a Bathroom Should Withstand Humidity 

It seems obvious, but your bathroom often has hot, steamy water pouring through it from your shower. Not all materials can withstand these intense conditions, so consider materials that are a good fit.

  • Faux wood features materials constructed to withstand heat, humidity, and UV rays. It’s durable and won’t bend, bow, or break, but it looks like natural wood.
  • Aluminum is very durable and withstands heat and moisture.
  • Vinyl lasts long, even in warm, high-moisture environments.

#3: Window Treatments for Bathrooms Should Be Easy to Clean

There’s a lot that goes on in your bathroom. Sometimes, your window treatments will need a little extra TLC. You want something that’s easy to wipe down, won’t stain, and will continue to look stylish and beautiful. Select window treatments you can easily clean with warm, soapy water when necessary but typically only require dusting for regular maintenance.

Top Window Treatments for Bathrooms

Not sure what would fit your bathroom? Consider these top suggestions for window treatments for your small bathroom window. Each offers a balance of light and privacy, and they’re durable enough to withstand the humidity in your bathroom. They’ll also add elegance and style to one of your most private spaces.

  • Composite shutters: Consider Hunter Douglas vinyl shutters, which feature composite materials that are great for resisting the elements.
  • Aluminum blinds: Consider Hunter Douglas Precious Metals® Mini Blinds, sleek, contemporary blinds with aluminum slats.
  • Cellular shades:  like Hunter Douglas Duette® Cellular shades or Alta® Honeycomb shades, are energy-efficient and include some waterproof fabrics of various opacities.

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