Window Treatments

Custom window treatments give your home a finished look and feel. But the benefits aren’t only aesthetic—shades, blinds, and shutters offer control over light and privacy, provide protection from aggressive sunlight, and can reduce your energy bills.

Blind and Shutters Guys is a Shop at Home Showcase Dealer with over 20 years of experience and more than 10,000 installations under our belt. We’ve paired homeowners across Southlake, Westlake, Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine, and Roanoke, Texas, and the surrounding areas.

You’ll consult with an expert member of the Blind and Shutters Guys team in your home, where you can view samples and see how each window treatment will look in your space with your lighting, colors, and style. We handle the measuring and installation and can offer suggestions about what will complement your interior design. We offer dozens of window treatment options and hundreds of materials and pair you with the best window coverings based on your needs and personal style. When you want the best for your windows, contact Blind and Shutters Guys.

We take pride in offering superior service and assisting you in finding the perfect solution for your windows. Our wide range of shutters, shades, blinds, and motorization options come from industry-leading brands like Hunter Douglas, Norman, and Alta Window Fashions. Discover our elegant and functional selection of window treatments, tailored to suit your style and needs.


Shutters offer a touch of classic elegance to any room. This time-tested window treatment is known for its durability and timeless charm.

Shutters offer maximum control over light entry and privacy. Their easy-to-adjust louvres can be tilted to any angle, letting in natural light or securing privacy as per your needs. Available in a variety of styles, colors, and materials such as wood, composite material, and vinyl, shutters can be customized to match your home’s decor and architectural style.

Given their quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, shutters are often considered a long-lasting home improvement that can potentially increase the value of your home. Our range of shutters offers unparalleled functionality and a timeless aesthetic for your home. Whether you’re looking for a traditional or a contemporary look, we can help you find just the right shutters to complement your home’s style.

Hunter Douglas Heritance® Wood Shutters near Southlake, Texas (TX)

Shades From Blind and Shutters Guys

Incorporate both style and functionality into your living spaces with our remarkable range of shades. Operating as a blend of privacy, light control, and artful decoration, shades serve as an excellent and versatile solution for your window dressing needs.

  • Roller & Solar Shades complement any decor style with a minimalist design of a material panel that seamlessly rolls into a header. The contemporary look is combined with practical perks such as UV filtration to protect your interiors and an assortment of fabrics to customize your level of privacy and light control.
  • Roman Shades have soft fabric folds that create a stylish, stacked appearance when the shade is raised. This creates an aesthetic complement to the wide variety of patterns, colors, and materials available. Roman Shades ensure adjustable light filtering or privacy for your space.
  • Cellular Honeycomb Shades provide the benefit of energy efficiency. The secret lies in their hidden layer of cellular structure which insulates windows by trapping air and naturally maintaining indoor temperatures. Honeycomb cellular shades also offer sound absorption qualities, meaning you can avoid the distracting noise from outside from disrupting your indoor activities.
Alta Honeycomb Shades near Southlake, Texas (TX)
  • Sheers & Shadings are designed to allow a soft diffusion of natural light into your interiors, while at the same time offering privacy when the opaque slats are closed. These innovative shades offer the best in light control with horizontal and vertical orientations.
  • Woven Shades offer the natural charm of organic materials such as bamboo, reeds, and grasses. These eco-friendly window treatments showcase the unique look of natural materials. Choose from light diffusion or room darkening privacy while adding refined fibers, textures, and patterns to your space.

Shades provide a combination of elegance and functionality to meet various style preferences and practical requirements. Our team at Blind and Shutter Guys in Southlake, Texas will help you discover the perfect shades to complement your home’s interior décor and functionality needs.


Blinds are a versatile window treatment solution offering privacy, light control, and a neat, streamlined look to your windows. Available in several types such as wood, faux wood, aluminum metal, and vertical blinds, with such an expansive variety and distinct styles, you can find the perfect blinds to complement any interior décor, be it classic, contemporary, or anything in between.

  • Wood & Metal Blinds are designed with functionality at their core. The horizontal orientation with adjustable slats offers granular control over the sunlight and view from your window. You can control them to let in just the right amount of light or completely close them for maximum privacy. Some variants even allow for top-down or bottom-up control for added versatility. Whether you opt for aluminum metal, faux wood, or wooden blinds, you can expect your horizontal blinds to stand the test of time with proper care.
  • Vertical Blinds are the perfect choice for large expanses of glass, patio doors, and sliding glass doors. These window blinds are the perfect window treatment for sunrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and more. They help to control the sunlight that enters the room and can help control temperature reduce energy costs. With limitless design options, including vertical slats or panels made from materials like vinyl, metal, and fabric in a variety of colors, and finishes, vertical blinds can be a stylish addition to your room or sit in the background to let your furnishings shine.

Explore how blinds can enhance your space, provide privacy, control light, and add beauty to your home. Enjoy the distinctive and timeless appeal of blinds that never go out of style!

Norman Ultimate™ Faux Wood Blinds near Southlake, Texas (TX)


Elevate your home’s window treatments with motorization technology. Combining convenience, safety, and energy efficiency, motorized window treatments provide a smart solution for modern living.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Southlake, Texas (TX)

Automated window treatments simplify your life by giving you effortless control over your shades or blinds with a touch of a button. Using a remote control, a wall-mounted panel, or when paired with your smart devices, you can adjust your window treatments from anywhere within your home or even when you’re away. By eliminating the need for cords and chains, motorized window treatments offer increased safety for households with children and pets. Cordless window treatments reduce potential hazards, creating a safer environment for your family.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation

PowerView® Automation from Hunter Douglas is a cutting-edge solution designed for a wide range of window treatments. It allows you to:

  • Program personalized settings and schedules for your window treatments.
  • Operate shades or blinds using the PowerView® App, Pebble® Remote Control, or voice command via smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.
  • Create customized room scenes that adjust multiple window treatments at once to suit your desired ambiance.
  • Enable the geofencing feature for automatic adjustments based on your location.

Transform your living space with motorized window treatments and PowerView® Automation for added convenience, safety, and energy efficiency.

Hunter Douglas PowerView® Automation near Southlake, Texas (TX)

Universal Screens

MotionScreen™ Motorized Retractable Screens are powered by Somfy® motors. These highly versatile shading solutions are designed to transform any outdoor living space—from providing protection against bugs to adding privacy to offering solar protection. With the push of a button, they enclose and transform any outdoor space seamlessly.

These screens can fit openings up to 22.5 feet wide and can be surface-mounted or recessed based on your preference. They come in various styles and color options to match your home decor. Besides enhancing the look of your home, these screens can make any space comfortable regardless of changing weather conditions. They allow you to enjoy a clear view without worrying about elements such as sun, wind, or rain.

Motorized retractable screens can be controlled through a wall-mounted remote, a handheld controller, or an app on your smartphone. They come with sun and wind sensors to automatically adjust based on weather conditions.

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