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Modern Roman shades are sophisticated and chic with designer fabrics and enhanced textiles of all kinds for looks customizable to individual home décor. Innovative design updates and state-of-the-art operating systems from trusted brands including Hunter Douglas, Graber, Timber, and Texton solidify the window treatments into the twenty-first century.

Benefits of Roman Shades


For many, one of the most important attributes that a window treatment can provide is privacy. Windows are excellent for the visibility they provide looking out, which can help interiors feel more spacious and open, but they are also a gaping vulnerability because their view-through nature allows prying eyes to see into the home. Roman shades block the view creating a private, protected space inside. More or less privacy is easily provided by raising or lowering the shade, and different opacity levels for the fabric contribute to the many options for privacy that can be achieved with Roman blinds.

Energy Efficiency

Covering windows is a crucial step in improving the overall energy efficiency of a home because up to 30% of unwanted energy exchange happens through unprotected windows. Roman shades installed over windows add a layer of insulation and protection that help to decrease the amount of energy transfer year-round, whether that’s keeping the cold out and the heat in during the winter or the heat out and the cold in during the summer. The easy maneuverability of Roman blinds also allows for the tailored intake of free natural light and solar heat, which, when used strategically, also contributes to the overall energy efficiency of a home.

Easy to Operate

The latest designs and the technological advancements for operating systems make Roman shades easier to use than ever. They are smooth and reliable thanks to a centuries-old foundation and the benefit of modern engineering and manufacturing. Additionally, the latest motorized and automated operating systems available for Roman blinds optimizes their performance by making their use more convenient and precise.

Child-safe and Pet-friendly Options

With both cordless and motorized operating systems available for Roman blinds, the treatment has several options for child-safe and pet-friendly window treatments. Child-safe Roman shades can be an excellent option for shades throughout the home or children’s room in particular, with a wide range of colors and prints to choose from.

Soft yet Clean Aesthetic

The sculpted folds of Roman shades have sophistication with a gentle touch. The fabrics bestow softness while the precise movement of Roman Shades keeps the treatment’s lines clean and crisp, so aesthetically they work in a range of interior design styles. Whether you’re looking for window coverings for a modern bohemian living room or a cozy cabin bedroom, Roman blinds and shades can be tailored to meet the needs of different rooms and different aesthetic tastes.

Roman Blinds & Shades by Brand

Hunter Douglas Roman Shades

Rich fabrics, the latest designer prints, innovative designs, and customizable features make the collections of Roman shades by Hunter Douglas aesthetically versatile for interior design and optimal for day-to-day light control.

  • Vignette® Modern Roman Shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades from Blind and Shutter Guys near Southlake, Texas (TX) and Roman Blinds
Design Studio™ Roman Shades from Blind and Shutter Guys near Southlake, Texas (TX) and Roman Blinds

Graber® Roman Shades

Chic, streamlined, and state of the art, Graber® Roman Shades create suave interiors that welcome guests with warm light and relaxed style. The Graber® collections include multiple levels of opacities in their fabrics and a variety of textural and artisan fabrics to choose from.

  • Graber® Fresco Roman Shades
  • Graber® Artisan Roman Shades

Timber Roman Shades

Transform a sun-soaked room into controlled illumination and an ordinary space into a statement of style and grace with Roman shades from Timber. Ask your design consultant about the styles and customizations that would work best for your tastes and home décor.

Rio Roman Shades from Blind and Shutter Guys near Southlake, Texas (TX) and Roman Blinds
Texton Bella Finale Roman Shades from Blind and Shutter Guys near Southlake, Texas (TX)

Texton Roman Shades

Create a welcoming home that wraps you in comfort and style. Elegant fabrics and precise design with flat-fold, plain fold, soft fold, and front slat European styles ensure Texton Roman Shades surpass expectations for performance and style.

  • Texton Bella Finale

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