Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Studies have shown that about 40% of the energy loss in a home happens through uncovered windows, sliding glass doors, and skylights. The sun pours into your home during the summer, heating up the interior and forcing your air conditioning unit to work harder and run longer. When the weather turns colder, the glass in your windows, sliding glass doors, and skylights act as a conduit to move the warm air out of your home. This heat loss means that your furnace runs more often and for a longer amount of time. No matter the temperature outside, your energy costs go up if your windows are uncovered, but don’t worry; the Blind and Shutter Guys team has the perfect solution for you; cellular shades and honeycomb blinds.

Benefits of Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, honeycomb shades, and cell shades are specifically engineered to combat energy loss in your home. They can also provide several other benefits to your home.

  • Energy Efficiency: The reason that cell blinds and cell shades are the best choices for energy efficiency is because of their cellular design. The shades feature a unique honeycomb structure that traps air in internal pockets. This trapped air acts as an additional layer of insulation for your windows and, as a result, your entire home. This means your home will naturally stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can have the added benefit of reducing your energy bills.
  • Noise Reduction: In addition to creating a temperature insulating barrier, the honeycomb design of cellular shades also help with noise cancellation. If you live near train tracks or an airport or simply have noisy neighbors, cellular honeycomb shades will help keep more of that noise outside of your home. They also provide better acoustics for the interior of your home, which makes them great window treatments for a music room or entertainment room.
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  • Light Control: In addition to raising the lowering the shade to any height, we have several other light control options for our honeycomb blinds. Each cell shade is available in various fabrics, each with different opacity levels. You can select sheer, which lets in the most light but provides the least privacy. Semi-sheer materials allow more privacy and still give a good amount of light even when fully closed. Our light-filtering fabrics offer different light levels depending on the darkness of the fabric colors. Blackout fabrics block all of the sun and give you the option of almost complete darkness when closed. We also have the added options of Duolite®, Sun Up/Sun Down, Perfect-Vue™, and Day/Night, each of which combines different fabric opacities into a single honeycomb blind to provide even more light control.
  • Fit Any Window: Not all windows are the same. Your home might have expansive windows and narrow windows. You might have a sliding glass door or a skylight. Perhaps your house features bay windows, arches, circular windows, or octagons. Our selection of cellular honeycomb shades can fit all of those. We offer vertical operation options for sliding glass doors and vertical windows. Blind and shutter Guys can cut cell blinds to fit narrow windows and strange angles. You can also use them in circles, arches, and octagons and still be able to open and close.
  • Endless Design Options: On top of all of the other benefits, you also have dozens of fabrics in a wide array of colors. You can find the perfect color to match your existing decor or choose a neutral tone to blend in. We also carry several different weaves that allow you to add texture and depth to your honeycomb blinds.

Our Brands

Our goal has always been top-of-the-line customer service, and part of that is partnering with the highest quality brands. Our cell blinds are some of the best on the market, and by carrying a variety of brands, we are always able to find something to match your style and budget.

Hunter Douglas

  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades
  • The Alustra® Collection of Duette
Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood, Everwood® Alternative Wood, Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds near Southlake, Texas (TX)
Graber® Wood Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Composite Blinds, Vinyl Blinds, Aluminum Blinds near Southlake, Texas (TX)


  • Graber® CrystalPleat Cellular Shades
  • Graber® Healthy Home Cellular Shades
  • Graber® Slide-Vue™ Vertical Cellular Shades


  • Alta® Honeycomb & Cellular Shades
Timber Veneto Natural Wood Blinds, Timbervue Wood Blinds, Ultravue Wood Alternative Blinds near Southlake, Texas (TX)

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