Sunny days are easy to enjoy, especially in the fall as the days get shorter. However, without proper shades, you might walk into your bedroom and suffer from the sun seeping through. This can cause glare, damage to your interior furnishings, and an immense need to wear sunglasses indoors. To enjoy pristine shade, learn more about choosing blackout shades for home bedrooms near Southlake, TX.

Not Just Another Shade

When it comes to Hunter Douglas, blackout shades are not just another average shade. In fact, they are specifically made to reduce light gaps, seams, and rout holes. Plus, with varying levels of opacity, you can decide just how much sunlight you would like to have lighting up your home. For example, if you would still like natural lighting, a sheer fabric will turn harsh rays into a beautiful glow. Or, if you want a shade that blocks out nearly all light, choosing a semi-opaque or opaque fabric will do the trick. Finally, for all of the total-darkness lovers out there, the Duette® LightLock™ System will prevent any light from coming through. With a variety of opacities and benefits, choosing blackout shades for home bedrooms in Southlake, TX, is a great step to combatting the spring and summer sun.

Choosing the Best Blackout Shade for You

The wonderful thing about Hunter Douglas blackout shades is the variety of options to choose from. Each provides their own beauty and functional benefits to meet your needs. Blackout shade options include:

  • Duette® Honeycomb Shades: These energy-efficient shades look beautiful with any décor while naturally insulating your home with its cellular construction. This reduces cool and warm air from escaping through your windows and will lower your energy bill over time.
  • Designer Roller Shades: Perfect for homes that desire endless design options on top of excellent energy efficiency, Designer Roller shades come in 330+ fabrics as well as a large range of textures, colors, and patterns while blocking harsh UV rays from entering your bedroom.
  • Vignette® Modern Roman Shades: If you seek the soft, rich look of traditional drapes that provide UV protection, then the luxurious Vignette® Modern Roman Shades are for you. With no exposed cords and clean appearance, these shades are great for homes with small pets and children.
  • Silhouette® Window Shadings: To turn the sun into a peaceful glow, consider adding Silhouette® Window Shadings to your home. With its Signature S-Vane™, Silhouette® diffuses the sun into a beautiful glow and protects you from UV rays when opened.

With all of these custom options, it is clear to see the benefits of choosing blackout shades for home bedrooms in Southlake, TX.


The sun is not a beast to be messed with. Protect your interior furnishings and yourself with blackout shades from Hunter Douglas. Beautiful, customizable, and made to combat the sun, your bedroom will be rolling in the benefits of blackout shades. To learn more about choosing blackout shades for home bedrooms in Southlake, TX, be sure to contact Blind and Shutter Guys today!

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