When it comes to designing a new look for your home, nothing gives each room more character and charm than high-quality window treatments that match its overall design. But many homeowners can feel limited by the choices available in big box stores or at many home improvement retailers.

That’s why our talented experts at Blind and Shutter Guys had led the field in providing Southlake, Texas and the surrounding area with custom window treatments for over 20 years. We understand the power of well-chosen draperies, fabric shades, and top treatments like valances, cornices, and swags to accentuate your windows’ aesthetic appeal.

One brand we highly recommend to our clients is Carole Fabrics™. Known for their craftsmanship and extensive selection, Carole Fabrics™ offers thousands of beautifully designed fabrics and window treatment styles that can be mixed and matched to create a customized design that complements any interior.

Why Choose Carole Fabrics™?

The versatility and wide variety of Carole Fabrics™ is a big reason why their offerings are such a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike.

From intricate patterns and textural fabrics to vibrant colors and neutral tones, you can easily find a fabric that will align with your tastes and existing decor. The flexibility of these fabrics allows you to tie your room together with complementary choices or add a touch of visual interest through contrasting color schemes.

Mix and Match Shades and Drapes

Our team at Blind and Shutter Guys understand the need and importance of matching your window treatments to truly reflect your design aesthetic. That’s why we make it easy to create a luxurious layered look with the right top treatment and Carole Fabrics™ Fabric Shades and custom drapery.

Fabric shades come in a variety of styles like Roman shades that feature pleasing fabric folds or roller shades that control easily and roll out of the way for clear views. Both these options from Carole Fabrics™ are super versatile and offer a range of aesthetic and functional benefits.

Pairing these shades with custom drapes brings additional depth and enhances the overall look of your window treatment design. Your drapes can complement or contrast with the shades, based on your color and design preferences, and can be drawn open or pulled closed for light control and privacy.

Board Mounted Valances, Rod Mounted Valances, and Cornices Near Southlake, Texas

One of our favorite ways to finish a window treatment design is with a matching top treatment like a cornice, valance, or swag. Like a hat on a fine outfit or the topper for a delicious dessert, a top window treatment finishes off the look of a window. They also control light leaks from the top of the window.

At Blind and Shutter Guys, we proudly showcase an array of Carole Fabrics™ cornices. More structured and tailored than a valance, these top treatments serve a double purpose—adding a layer of depth and visual appeal while effectively hiding the hardware of blinds or shades.

Another of our favorite top treatments from Carole Fabrics® are their board mounted or rod mounted valances.

  • Rod-mounted valances are generally created with a rod pocket and installed using a conventional curtain rod. This design allows the fabric to elegantly hang, giving a soft, flowing appearance to your windows.
  • Board-mounted valances provide a more tailored, structured look and affixed to a wooden board at the top of the windowpane, allowing fabric to drape from the top of your window treatment and effectively hide hardware.

These elegant top treatments are perfect for adding a final touch to your window décor, creating an air of elegance and charm.

Contact Your Window Treatment Design Partner in Southlake, Texas

At Blind and Shutter Guys, we are dedicated to bringing our clients’ distinctive style to life through carefully selected and expertly designed window treatments. Transform the look and feel of your home by matching your Carole Fabrics™ custom drapes and fabric shades with stunning top treatments today.

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