Window shades are such a common feature in our homes that we often use the phrase “window shades” to refer to window treatments that are not even shades, like blinds or curtains. However, just because window shades are common does not mean that they are all garden variety. In fact, some window shades can be just as luxurious as the other décor pieces you have in your home. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading and let the team at Blind and Shutter Guys tell you about your choices for premium Hunter Douglas window shades for homes near Roanoke, TX.

Premium Sheer Shadings

While Texas may not be the sunshine state, we certainly do get our fair share of sunlight. Are your home’s window coverings making the most of it, or just blocking all of it out? With premium Hunter Douglas window shades, you can harness the natural sunlight that enters your home to your benefit by diffusing it and spreading it around your space. Silhouette® Window Shadingsarea classic premium Hunter Douglas sheer shade, but there are other options as well depending on your windows’ unique needs. The Pirouette® Window Shadings, for example, provide the same benefits with increased view-through, so you can still see out your window. Luminette® Privacy Sheers, on the other hand,are vertically oriented to outfit your home’s largest windows.

Premium Honeycomb Shades

While we are entering winter, us Texans are not soon to forget our scorching summers! While most of us love the summer, there is no denying that some cool weather would be a nice change of pace. However, the change of seasons can wreak havoc on your energy bills and HVAC system. To help make this transition a bit easier, we suggest premium Hunter Douglas window shades, especially their collection of premium honeycomb shades. Honeycomb cellular shades, like the Duette® line, provide your windows with insulation, helping keep your home’s climate controlled and saving you money on your energy bills. For extra customization, you can enjoy energy saving honeycomb shade construction in the design of a Roman shade with the Solera® line, and in a roller shade with the Sonnette™ line.

Premium Roman Shades

While window treatments are a functional piece of décor, that does not mean that they cannot also be beautiful. This delicate balance is something that is fully achieved with premium Hunter Douglas window shades, especially their premium Roman shade collections. The Vignette® line showcases what makes Roman shades such a fabulous window treatment, giving you options for pleat size, fabric, color, texture, and more. Additionally,Vignette® has no exposed rear operation hardware or cords, ensuring that nothing distracts from your supremely beautiful window fashions. Exposed operation hardware is more than unsightly: it can also be a hazard for children or pets that may be enticed by cords. With Vignette®, you get a truly exceptional window covering that is beautiful, functional, and safe.


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