At The Blind and Shutter Guys, we offer top-notch window treatments from some of the best names in the business. With the quality offered, it can seem hard to go wrong at times. However, shopping for window treatments is far from a one-size-fits-all scenario. Each home is different, and each room will have different needs and different styles that match best. Knowing more about the different types of window shades available can help guide you on your search. Contact The Blind and Shutter Guys today to learn more about which custom shade style is right for homes.

Roller Shades

These window shades start with a simple design: a panel of fabric that hangs flat in front of your windows and can roll up to open to up your view. From here, the choices are up to you to create custom shades that meet your light control needs and match the style of the rooms they are in. We offer roller shades that have multiple fabric options, textures, and colors. In addition, the opacity level you choose can result in a sheer window shade that diffuses light and gives your room a soft, natural glow or an opaque window shade that darkens a room. Roller shades can come with a liner that runs on the same roller but operates independently to give you sheer shades and blackout shades all in one.

Roman Shades

Roman window shades offer a degree of elegance to a room, with folds of fabric creating a soft and sophisticated look to your home. The exact look you want to create is up to you, with fabric options ranging from opaque to sheer, along with different materials offering varying textures available. Your choices of colors and patterns that are available give you numerous options to create custom shades that will fit seamlessly with multiple styles of rooms. Compared to roller shades, the texture of roman shades is more layered and offers room for lots of variation.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

If your home is especially susceptible to weather extremes, you may want to consider cellular honeycomb shades. The honeycomb design is the most popular form of cellular shade and features hexagonal cells that trap air. The cells create an insulating effect, helping to keep your home cool during the summer, and warm during the winter. These window shades are also highly customizable, with different cell sizes available along with different opacities to either have sheer shades or opaque shades for room darkening. You can also choose from various materials and colors to make your custom shades look perfect for your home and to make the light look just right.

Specialty Shades

Our brands offer specialty shades that combine the functions of blinds with shadings. Pirouette® window shadings feature a sheer panel of fabric with horizontal curved vanes of fabric that expand to close and constrict to open up. The Silhouette® window shadings offer a similar look and function but instead use two sheer panels of fabric with S-shaped vanes of fabric that appear to hover in between. These window shades come with a wide variety of color, fabric, and opacity options to meet your light control needs and elevate your home’s style.

At The Blind and Shutter Guys, we offer free in-home shopping experiences and are proud to serve Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine, Westlake, Southlake, and Roanoke, TX. Contact us today to schedule an in-home consultation, so you can see how our products will look in your home!