When the film 2001: A Space Oddysey came out in 1968, the 2000’s felt like the future. But now we have come through both the 2000’s and the 2010’s, and find ourselves in a time even Stanley Kubrick couldn’t imagine. It can occasionally be a little disorienting to think about the incredible technological advances that have taken place in the last decade alone, but this is about more than just the internet, smart phones, and Amazon’s Alexa. All industries and areas of life have benefited from this progress, and that includes window treatments just as much as it does computers. Hunter Douglas has made their name by peering into the future of window fashions, and if you are wanting a glimpse into the shape of window coverings to come, this blog is for you. Keep reading to let the team at Blind & Shutter Guys tell you about your choices for custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades for homes near Westlake, TX.

Silhouette® Sheer Shadings

The 2010’s saw a dissolving of boundaries, genres, and limits, and custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades are a perfect example of this. Inspired equally by curtains, window shades, and window blinds, sheer shadings like the Silhouette® collection allow you to enjoy the benefits of all three from a single convenient window treatment. The Silhouette® line features a set of adjustable fabric vanes—similar to the slats of a blind—that are beautifully encased within two panels of sheer fabric. The semi-translucent fabric allows you to enjoy soft, diffused light, while the vanes allow you to achieve stronger light control. The Silhouette® has versatility that makes it perfect for nearly any situation.

Pirouette® Sheer Shadings

Light diffusion is incredibly useful as it allows you to both soften natural light and spread it around your space. For those of us who experience headaches or eye strain from artificial lighting—or who simply don’t like the way it looks—this can be particularly beneficial. But can you only get it by completely obstructing your window? The answer is no, and the Pirouette® collection of custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades shows you how. The Pirouette® line takes the two fabric panels of the Silhouette® line and replaces them with one incredibly functional panel. This doesn’t decrease the light diffusion or light control capabilities of your shade, but it does allow you to have a fuller view from your window when your shades are down.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

We think that custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades are a great choice for practically any window in your home. You may find yourself thinking that surely this doesn’t include things like large windows or sliding glass doors, but we are happy to tell you that even these unusual windows can reap the benefits of sheer shadings. The Luminette® collection was inspired by vertical blinds rather than horizontal blinds, bringing you light diffusion and light control from a vertical orientation. Like a vertical blind, you can simply side your Luminette® shades to the side when not in use, making them a lightweight, effective choice for your most difficult windows.

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