We love our gorgeous landscape here in Texas, and many of us are already starting to feel the changing season. This means that for a lot of us, we are spending more time indoors and working with our home décor instead of spending time outside. But, in fact, proper home décor is absolutely necessary when it comes to making the most of our home’s outsides as well as their insides. One way to ensure that you can enjoy both your landscapes outdoors and your interiors indoors is with custom vertical blinds. Keep reading to hear from the team at Blind & Shutter Guys about why your home needs vertical blinds to fully enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Make Getting Outside Easier than Ever

There is a psychological concept known as the “Principle of Least Effort.” It states that people are most likely to do whatever is easiest for them, even if the harder choice is better. While this might sound pessimistic, all it means is that the path to healthier behaviors and better choices is simply making it easier to make those choices. Vertical blinds are a great way to spend more time outside, because they make it easier than ever for you to get out of the house. Many of us here in Texas have homes with sliding glass doors that can be incredibly difficult to outfit with window treatments. Vertical blinds, however, are ideal, because you can simply push them to the side, giving you complete access to your door and making it a snap to get outside to enjoy the sun.

Lighten Up with Lightweight Materials

We do have seasons here in Texas, even if sometimes it can feel like we just get “warm” and “slightly less warm.” While many people love the climate here, it can make it difficult to decorate a home that feels appropriate for the whole year. Vertical blinds are a great solution. Vertical blinds are made from lightweight materials, like fabric and vinyl, as opposed to heavier materials like wood or metal. This can give your windows a sense of breeziness that makes them perfect for all year long. Additionally, vertical blinds are typically available in a vast selection of classy neutral shades, making them just as suited to hang around your home all year.

Get the Perfect Blinds for You with Custom Design

When we say that our blinds are custom-made, we really mean it. Although you will be deciding from the collections that we carry like Hunter Douglas, Alta, Graber, and more, think of these as blueprints to help you get the window coverings you need as opposed to us dictating your choices to you. From these blueprints, we will work to help you craft the ideal vertical blinds for you home, in addition to measuring and installing your blinds for you, so the fit will be just as beautiful as your new window fashions.

Here at the Blind and Shutter Guys, we take window coverings seriously and are here to help you through every step of the process. Contact us today to learn more! We proudly serve homes in Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine, Westlake, Southlake, and Roanoke, Texas (TX).