Most of us struggle to decide what to have for dinner, so it is no shock that many of us also struggle to decide how to decorate our homes. Weighing the benefits of hardwood versus the comfort of carpet or deciding whether to invest in real granite or engineered granite countertops can be incredibly difficult, and it can often be quite a personal dilemma. After all, if you live with your family, you need to take their wants, needs, and tastes into account alongside your own. All of these choices are hard to make, but window treatments are uniquely hard to buy. On top of being eye-catching décor pieces, window coverings provide us with light control and privacy, so they need to be incredibly functional as well. Looking at all of the options available to you can be mind-boggling, so why not choose the best of all possible worlds? Keep reading to let the team at Blind & Shutter Guys tell you why you’re going to love custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades for homes near Colleyville, TX.

What are sheer shades?

Sheer shades are Hunter Douglas’s answer to the question of “What window fashions should we buy?” If you find yourself torn between blinds, window shades, and curtains or draperies, you don’t need to fret. Custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades take the very best features of all of these different window treatments and combine them together into one stylish, innovative package. Hunter Douglas sheer shades are made from a set of flexible fabric vanes—similar to those of a vertical blind, although you can choose from vertical or horizontal sheer shadings—which are then encased between panels of sheer fabric. This allows you to enjoy near total light control when the vanes are closed. However, when they are open, the light that comes through is diffused by the sheer fabric. No matter what you need, sheer shadings are the perfect choice!

What are my options for sheer shades?

The classic set of custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades are the Silhouette® line. This features the fabric vanes, which are placed between two sheer fabric panels in a horizontal orientation. If you are looking to preserve the views from your windows, or you are interested in less light diffusion, the Pirouette® line only features one fabric panel. Lastly, the Luminette® line is vertical in construction, so all your windows—and even sliding glass doors—can benefit from sheer shadings.

How do I operate sheer shades?

All Hunter Douglas window coverings can be easily operated by hand, and that is also true for custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades. However, all of Hunter Douglas’s sheer shadings can also be upgraded to use the Hunter Douglas PowerView® automation system. Whether you’re a tried and true fan of home automation, or you would simply like to move one thing off of your plate, PowerView® truly allows you to get the most out of your sheer shadings.

To learn more about custom Hunter Douglas sheer shades for homes near Colleyville, TX, contact Blind & Shutter Guys today! We proudly serve homes in and around Colleyville, Keller, Grapevine, Westlake, Southlake, and Roanoke, Texas (TX).