Whether you’re an outdoorsy type or a homebody, there is one thing we can all agree on: our planet is beautiful. The geography, botany, flora, and fauna of our world is breathtaking, but because of how our current economy is structured, most of us don’t get to spend extended amounts of time enjoying the bounty of the natural world. If you particularly love being outside, this can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be cause for despair. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the great outdoors within the four walls of your home. Sure, you can purchase some houseplants and maybe start a windowsill herb garden, but there are even easier ways to enjoy Mother Nature without breaking out the hiking boots. Keep reading to let the team at Blind & Shutter Guys tell you all about Hunter Douglas woven wood shades for homes near Southlake, TX.

What are woven wood shades?

A better question might be “what aren’t woven wood shades?” Unlike other window fashion styles like blinds or roman shades that denote a specific construction style, the category of woven wood shades refers to a fabric type. The fabric in question is made from natural fibers like soft woods, reeds, and grasses, all of which are minimally processed to allow them to retain as much of their natural beauty as possible. This minimal processing means that, ultimately, no two sets of Hunter Douglas woven wood shades are ever going to be exactly the same. Just like the plants that go into them, woven wood shades are all going to be one of a kind. If that appeals to you, then you are going to love having this truly unique window covering in your home.

What level of light control do woven wood shades provide?

When it comes to window shades, the level of light control you receive from your window treatments is going to come down to the fabric that is used to create them. The fabric used to craft Hunter Douglas woven wood shades is woven with an intentionally loose weave. This means that even if your shades are down, they will still allow some light to pass through, which will get gently dappled by the unique weave of your shade. However, if you are craving more intense light control, an additional fabric liner can be added to your shades.

What are my options for woven wood shades?

Because Hunter Douglas woven wood shades are a fabric style rather than a construction style, you can apply woven wood fabric to all of your favorite traditional window shade styles, including roller shades and roman shades. The choice is also yours when it comes to how you wish to operate your shades. While Hunter Douglas strives to make all of their shades as easy to manually operate as possible, you also have the option of outfitting your woven wood shades with the PowerView® automation system to achieve the maximum in convenience and efficiency.

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