Our Products

Custom Window Treatments & Coverings

As experts in window fashion and design innovation, we provide custom window shadings and sheers to louvers, shades, blinds and shutters. Window treatments are custom built expressly for your windows and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.

Custom Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters provide a lifetime of beauty, the perfect window treatment for any decor. We offer paint or stain grade shutters custom made for each window. You select the finish, trim molding, hinges, divider rails, etc.

We measure, and install premium quality original design plantation shutters.

Shadings, Sheers, Louvers & Panels

Our shadings, sheers, louvers and panels are made with a wide selection of soft fabrics, including opaque and translucent materials. Our offering features a range of different designs—some function more like a shutter, others more like a shade—and all provide the elegance of a drapery.

Versatile Silhouette® window shadings, with the Signature S-Vane™, suspend fabric vanes between two sheer fabric facings and offer a wide selection of elegant fabrics and optional features.

Luminette® Privacy Sheers marry the beauty of sheers with the privacy of soft draperies.

Alouette® Light Louvers combine the architectural beauty of a wood shutter, the soft fabric finish of a shade and the light control and privacy features of a traditional blind.

From contemporary to traditional, Skyline™ Gliding Window Panels set a new standard in modern window fashions providing a sophisticated look to match today’s urban design influence.


Our Interior Designers specialize in Custom Window Treatments. The beauty of custom window treatments is as much or as little as possible to dress your windows, making your home or office truly your own and a reflection of your lifestyle.

Using computer aided design, we are able to draw your window treatment to scale so you can see exactly what you are going to get.

Custom Arches, Eyebrows and Specialty Shapes

We have solutions for specialty shaped windows like Arches, Eyebrows and Perfect Circle Windows as well as other challenging shapes.

Custom built to fit a full-range of perfect and imperfect specialty shapes for arches, angles, circles, bay windows, corner windows, sliding glass doors, french doors and cut-outs.

Specialty Shapes accentuate and enhance a window’s distinctive shape while providing light control, mood control and energy efficiency.

Bridgeway® specialty shapes are designed for various arches eyebrow and circle windows. They accentuate and enhance a window’s distinctive shape while providing light control, mood control and energy efficiency.

  • Revolutionary Design – Custom built to fit a full-range of perfect and imperfect specialty shapes.
  • Versatile – Coordinates with Country Woods® wood blinds, Crosswinds® wood vertical blinds, Chalet Woods® wood blinds and the EverWood® Collection of alternative wood blinds as well as other window fashions.
  • Exceptional Strength – Manufactured using advanced modern-day materials for strength, stability and straightness.
  • Light Control – Precision alignment between the louvers and frame blocks harmful UV rays and ensures privacy.

The EasyView® Arch from Duette® honeycomb shades offers the added benefit of a moveable arch, giving you the opportunity to raise and lower the shade, for maximum light control.


With a Custom-Built Awning above your deck, patio, windows, or doors, you stay cool and comfortable while lowering the temperature inside your home.

  • Turn your hot deck or patio into comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining.
  • Lower the inside temperature of your home 10-15 degrees.
  • Reduce your cooling costs up to 25%.
  • Reduce solar heat gain up to 77%.
  • Stay outside longer while protecting yourself and your family from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
  • Reduce fading of carpets, drapes, and furniture.
  • Enjoy shade at the touch of a button, with our state-of-the-art motors and electronics.

Solar FilmSolar Films reduce up to 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, reject up to 79 percent of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window. It also helps reduce winter heat loss by reflecting up to 35 percent of indoor heat back into the room.

They are also easy on the eyes. On the outside, they give your home or business a more pleasing, unified look. On the inside, our films reduce the level of glare for you and others.

Window Films not only save energy, they help protect your furnishings, drapes, carpet, woodwork and artwork from destructive ultraviolet rays that cause fading; help to seal out the water, the primary cause of property damage; and have a toughness that allows these films to withstand day-to-day abuse.

Solar Screens

Heavy-Duty Shading Fabric Blocks up to 80-90% of the sun’s rays.

Solar Screens are a fabric woven of extremely strong and durable vinyl-coated polyester yarns. The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation. Shading is approximately 80-90%, and is available in a choice of four earth tone colors. The fabric is also pet resistant making it ideal for use in doors and full-length screen panels.

Exterior Motorized Solar ScreensBy effectively stopping most of the sun’s energy BEFORE it enters your home, Exterior Solar Screens will reduce indoor temperatures up to 25 degrees while lowering cooling costs by up to 40%. When extended during the winter months, Exterior Solar Screens will provide an insulating layer of protection from the elements, allowing year round function. Solar Screens is a sound investment and will pay for itself over time in energy savings.

Exterior Solar Shading Systems can be designed to operate automatically with sun and wind sensors to provide you with optimum solar protection, while extending the life of your furniture, carpet and interior of your home. Shading Systems, which may consist of a series of units, can be controlled with a single touch-of-a-button or automatically by the sun and wind, whether you’re home or away – adding an element of security with the appearance that you are home. These same screens can be used to help keep insects out while providing solar protection.